10 Reasons to Choose IMPs on Your Next Building Project

Sustainably designed and easy to install, insulated metal panels are your all-in-one building envelope solution. Check out their benefits below.

#1 – Ease of Installation

Designed to take the place of multi-component systems, Insulated Metal Panels (IMPs) offer a streamlined, single-source installation, eliminating the need for multiple subcontractors. Functioning as an air barrier, waterproofing system, insulation and exterior finish, the installation process proceeds at a much faster pace and the building can be turned over to the owner in a more expedited manner.

Offering cost savings from a labor standpoint, IMPs are less vulnerable to weather delays. Consider concrete tilt-up, for example. The material has to be poured on site and dried. Only then can the walls be erected. At the same time, rain and snow can delay the curing process. IMPs, on the other hand, are much more forgiving as the foam core does not absorb water or moisture and construction can often continue in wet weather conditions.

#2 – Energy Efficient

Insulated metal panels feature unsurpassed thermal efficiency. Each Metl-Span panel contains an advanced foam core with the highest thermal value commercially available in order to drive down energy usage and building owner costs. With 9 per inch of R value, IMPs deliver unsurpassed thermal efficiency. As building owners and architects are challenged to meet stricter energy requirements, the insulation offers a great benefit as the building doesn’t have to use as much heating or cooling energy to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. Additionally, IMPs contribute toward green building and net-zero goals.

#3 – Quick Construction Time

IMPs provide the ultimate in single-step installation, significantly reducing construction time and granting building occupancy sooner. Eliminating the pouring and drying or on-site fabrication required by other materials, pre-engineered IMPs arrive on site ready to go. Installing IMPs is efficient and cost effective as it only requires a smaller crew. Since our IMPs are an all-in-one system, the panels can potentially be installed in half the time as other systems. IMPs can, in some cases, be erected at an average rate of 5,000 square feet of panel per day, which can be very helpful for fast-tracked projects.

#4 – Design Flexibility

Available in multiple profiles, colors, textures and reveals for horizontal or vertical installations, the panels deliver a modern, sophisticated aesthetic. They can also work in tandem with other building materials for multi-faceted façade designs.

#5 – Longevity

Made from high quality metal – G-90 galvanized and AZ-50 aluminum-zinc coated steel – IMPs can last up to 60 years. Enhanced with an optional 70% PVDF fluoropolymer coating, the panels are warrantied and built to last.

#6 – Environmentally Friendly

The steel used in Metl-Span panels (with the exception of stainless steel) comes from US made, Electric Arc Furnaces, and is primarily comprised of recycled materials. Additionally, the scrap steel from our panels is both recycled and 100% recyclable. The R-values of our panels meet or exceed current energy codes and contribute towards credits in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System.

#7 – Durable and Efficient

Metl-Span panels provide an exceptional solution for insulating buildings, acting as a single-source water, air, vapor and thermal barrier. Metl-Span offers unparalleled performance, ensuring durability, consistency and excellence in the products we offer.

#8 – Low Maintenance

While buildings are subjected to many variables based on project location, climate, and regular wear and tear, Metl-Span panels are manufactured and designed to last. Metl-Span insulated wall and roof panels are available with paint finish warranties of up to 40 years, meaning they need to be replaced only once to achieve 60-year coverage, in accordance with the Product Category Rule (PCR). Depending on local environmental conditions, their projected life could span 50 to 60 years and beyond.

#9 – Fire-Resistant

While the panel’s foam core offers great insulation, IMPs can also be manufactured with a mineral wool core to meet one-, two- or three-hour fire-resistance ratings under the most demanding conditions. The mineral wool insulated wall panel is fire resistant while still providing insulation value.

#10 – Variety of Applications

In addition to exterior wall construction and roofs, IMPs can be used for interior assemblies whether it’s partition walls, demising walls or drop-down ceilings. Ideal for food and beverage industry and cold storage construction with interior climate control rooms, the panels can be built as a box within a box.

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