The Ideal Treatment for Healthcare Facility Projects

Healthcare construction projects are growing at a rapid pace.

With a shift in patient delivery models, an aging population and a need to keep up with constantly evolving technology, healthcare facilities are faced with a significant need for both new construction and renovations.

In addition, approximately 150,000 healthcare practitioners are expected to enter the workforce in the next two years, resulting in an estimated need for over 225 million square feet of medical office space.

Metl-Span® insulated metal panels (IMPs) provide the resilient design and retrofit capabilities that are necessities in today’s healthcare construction landscape – along with an ever-growing array of aesthetic options to set your next healthcare project apart.

Metl-Span IMP Benefits:

Resilient Design – The need for resilient design is as important as ever in the healthcare industry, as hospitals across the country have been hit hard by recent natural disasters. As leadership at various hospitals work to better position their facilities against the next hurricane, earthquake, fire or tornado, they need hospital insulated metal panels they can trust. With a Class 1 core and superior R-values, Metl-Span IMPs can withstand even the harshest elements in any environment.

Retrofit Reliability – 75 percent of recent healthcare construction projects were renovations, making fast building completion critically important. Metl-Span hospital insulated metal panels are lightweight, feature one-piece construction and can be installed in all climates to deliver accelerated installation times for your next retrofit project. Metl-Span IMPs also can be installed five times faster than brick construction.

Aesthetic Importance – Comfort and confidence are key factors in a patient’s outlook, and that starts with a healthcare facility’s exterior. Metl-Span healthcare facility insulated metal panels come in an evolving array of color palettes and finishes to present a clean, crisp, sophisticated aesthetic to greet patients, families and healthcare professionals alike.

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