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Metl-Span has pioneered the world of Insulated Metal Panels (IMPs), providing high quality insulated metal panels and building materials to commercial and industrial clients throughout North America since 1968. With over eight manufacturing locations across the United States and Canada, Metl-Span is committed to manufacturing and distributing only the highest-quality insulated building panel products.

The Metl-Span Advantage includes unparalleled customer service, an expansive manufacturing footprint, and industry-leading quality products. As a Nucor® company, we serve clients throughout the architectural, commercial, and industrial industries. With our history of visionary product design — and by consistently setting the highest standards in technological advances — architects, designers, and builders alike trust Metl-Span panel products to perform reliably, be aesthetically pleasing, and continue to deliver on our proven sustainability track record.

Working with Metl-Span ensures the on-time and on-budget delivery of superior building products. Our highly trained and educated team of project managers, engineers, and customer service professionals provides comprehensive guidance and support from start to finish. Our team is committed to providing you with the tools needed to incorporate our insulated panel products and window systems into virtually any building design.

Our Origin Story

All Started in 1980’s

Metl-Span Insulated Metal Panels was founded in the early 1980‘s by Controlled Building Systems Corporation in Dallas, Texas. The name Metl-span was established later in the 1980‘s.

1983 – 1987

Metl-Span was formed in 1983 as a subsidiary of Air Foil Impellers. Management of the two companies purchased the assets of the Insulated Panel Division and moved the operation to a new facility in the Dallas Suburb of Lewisville, Texas. During the same year, Metl-Span started making SL44, SL45, SLR45 Roof and started making expanded polystyrene core. In 1987, Hussmann Company, a subsidiary of Whitman Corporation, purchased the assets of controlled Building Systems and continued a similar operation as the Insulated Panel Division.

1990- 1994

In 1990 with a minority investment by Grupo IMSA, Metl-Span added the first continuous foamed-in-place production line in company history. That same year Metl-Span started producing off the new CF line. See our CF Insulated Metal Panels, consisting of CF Architectural, Light Mesa, Mesa, Partition, Santa Fe, Striated, Tuff Cast, Tuff Wall, 7.2 Insul-Rib™.In early 1994, Grupo IMSA acquired us outright and within just a few short years approved the expansion into Virginia. Over doubling production and improving the ability to service the North American market.

2004 – 2020

as an available product. ThermalSafe is a fire-resistant panel that meets the required ratings for ASTM E 119, CAN/ULC 101, and UL 263 through Intertek and UL+ fire approval, in both the U.S. and Canada. In 2005, Metl-Span opened the Nevada manufacturing plant, enabling a larger footprint into the Western region of the United States. Fast forward to 2007, Metl-Span expanded into Indiana to better serve the Central States and expanded our efforts into the Northern Parts of U.S.A. In 2012, Metl-Span was aquired by NCI Group, Inc. During this time NCI was already a leader of metal coil coating, metal components and custom metal building systems in North America, Mexico and Canada.

2021 – Present

2021, Metl-Span was acquired by Nucor, North America’s most sustainable steel and steel products company. The mission of Nucor is clear. “Becoming the safest steel company in the World.” In 2024, Metl-Span welcomed another manufacturing facility in Brigham, Utah.

Why choose insulated metal panels?

The benefits of insulated metal panels are endless, ranging from increased performance to sustainability and cost savings. At Metl-Span, form meets function in our commitment to structural integrity, tireless testing, and devotion to exceeding customer expectations.

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