Metl-Span IMPs Put Auto Dealerships in High Gear

Automobile innovation is at an all-time high. As car manufacturers continue to develop new products and features, the design of car dealerships should be as modern and sleek as the vehicles they sell.

Architects have a unique opportunity to impact the automotive landscape, as dealerships continue to evolve. New vehicle sales in the United States exceeded $17 million for the fourth consecutive year in 2018 — marking a new industry record. This rise in sales is benefitting car dealerships across the country as they consider expanding into other locations with new construction, or simply retrofitting their existing facilities.

Metl-Span® insulated metal panels (IMPs) combine both superior insulating values and a wide array of aesthetics to deliver a comfortable, contemporary setting for salesmen and car buyers alike. With an impermeable membrane, Metl-Span auto dealership insulated metal panels ensure enhanced insulation across the entire facility — from the showroom to the service garage.

Metl-Span IMP Benefits:

Automatic Insulation – Car dealers rely on a well-insulated facility to maintain comfortable temperatures for employees and customers alike. Metl-Span auto dealership insulated metal panels are equipped with a Class 1 Polyurethane foam core that is encapsulated by steel facings to create an all-in-one airtight product ideal for both wall and roof applications.

IMPs Slashing Prices – With superior thermal values that drive down heating and cooling costs, Metl-Span car dealership insulated metal panels deliver cost savings to dealerships that they can pass along to car buyers. Whether undergoing new or retrofit construction, IMPs also help to keep project costs down with their one-piece construction and all-weather installation.

Façades in the Fast Lane – Before potential buyers even set foot inside the showroom — let alone the vehicle — their first impression is the dealership’s exterior façade. With an evolving array of color palettes and finishes, Metl-Span auto dealership insulated metal panels help to make automotive dealerships stand out with aesthetics that complement the selection of vehicles they sell.

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