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Single-Skin Wall Panels

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Single-Skin Wall Panels

Metl-Span’s line of Single-Skin metal panels includes a variety of configurations for wall applications, including 12 concealed, 11 exposed, four perforated, and one soffit application. The line consists of concealed fastener panels with both 12” to 16” module widths and exposed fastener panels with module widths of 24” and 36”. The perforated screenwall panels come in an array of patterns, with the option of 34 ⅔” and 36” module widths.

Concealed Fasteners

Metl-Span’s concealed fastener metal panels are a top choice for industrial and commercial applications. The benefits of using single-skin metal wall panels include increased durability, strength and cost savings, and a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Exposed Fasteners

Metl-Span’s exposed fastening systems help provide contemporary and environmentally friendly aesthetics. Our panels can be installed both vertically and horizontally, providing numerous design options.

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