Specialty Perforated Wall Panels

Perforated Wall Panels

EcoScreen Perforated panels combine an airy aesthetic with outstanding performance, blending industrial and other applications with their surroundings. They create a screen wall using either 20-gauge stainless steel or 0.04″ painted aluminum via a unique fabrication process. 

The perforated metal panel systems include environmental benefits as they eliminate and reduce artificial lighting. They allow for air circulation and natural light to pass through, while providing additional security with a unique aesthetic appeal.

The perforation pattern is available in a wide variety of options, with the choice of being installed horizontally or vertically.


In new and retrofit construction, Metl-Span perforated insulated metal panels function as walls for both commercial and industrial applications. Our panels are ideally suited for:

  • Commercial & Industrial
  • Airport and Transportation Structures
  • Convention Centers
  • Recreational Buildings 
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Office Buildings
  • Equipment Buildings

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