Metl-Span IMPs: The Right Fit for Retail Projects

Recent shifts in the retail landscape are leading to an increase in construction spending and changing the entire consumer shopping experience.

The once-popular “big box malls” are now giving way to experiential shopping venues that encompass the entire consumer experience with everything from stores and restaurants to movie theatres and more.

Metl-Span insulated metal panels (IMPs) are helping to accommodate the shift in the retail marketplace by delivering solutions that address the needs of these recent developments. With enhanced insulation, all-weather installation and extensive design options, Metl-Span IMPs accommodate the true essence of experiential shopping.

Metl-Span IMP Benefits:

Well-Insulated Shopping – Consumers put much of their hard-earned money toward shopping and expect to shop in an environment where they feel comfortable. Metl-Span retail insulated metal panels feature an advanced polyurethane core with built-in thermal breaks to ensure the highest level of insulation — allowing shoppers to worry only about a store’s deals and not a cold draft.

Installation Innovation – A growing number of digital shopping boutiques are expanding into brick and mortar stores as shoppers still find a need to see up close what they’re buying. Dependent on sales to keep profits up, retail companies need to get these new storefronts up and running quickly. Featuring one-piece construction and all-weather installation, Metl-Span shopping center insulated metal panels can be installed five times faster than brick construction to fast-track enclosure.

Storefront Aesthetics – Stores pride themselves on their brand, and expect their building products to match the image of the company. Metl-Span retail insulated metal panels come in an evolving array of color palettes and finishes to provide shops and retail centers with an inviting façade to welcome shoppers.

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