Oil & Gas

Metl-Span IMPs Fueling the Oil & Gas Industry

The oil and gas market supports the world as we know it.

From heating homes and providing fuel for vehicles to generating electricity and making the synthetic materials necessary for everyday life, the world’s economy is built on oil and gas production.

Yet, oil and gas development is a hazardous business, as fires and explosions can occur at just the slightest corrosion or fracture of pipes. To enable fire prevention, oil and gas job sites are required to follow the UL1709 Standard for Rapid Rise Fire Tests of Protection Materials for Structural Steel. At the same time, the machinery at these facilities can be deafening, prompting a need for noise cancelling materials on the premises.

Metl-Span® ThermalSafe® mineral wool panels deliver both the fire resistant technology and sound absorption qualities to meet fire test standards, providing oil and gas sites with up to three-hour fire resistance ratings and reduced noise levels for a safe work environment.

Metl-Span IMP Benefits:

Fire Safety First – Estimated as a $3.92 billion industry in 2016, the fire protection construction materials market is forecasted to reach $8.10 billion by 2025. Metl-Span ThermalSafe panels are composed of non-combustible mineral wool boards to maximize compressive strength and achieve a one-, two- or three-hour fire resistance rating to provide oil and gas extraction facilities with the latest in fire resistant wall construction technology.

The Sound of Silence – Oil and gas sites require sound barriers around facilities that are close to populated areas, or as required by the owner. Metl-Span’s ThermalSafe panels deliver sound absorption qualities that effectively complement their superior fire rating to equip oil and gas sites with a gas station insulated metal panel (IMP) that meets the requirements of multiple applications.

Petroleum Meets Performance – Oil and gas jobsites require protective building materials to enclose the machinery inside against external elements and keep operations on schedule. In addition to their fire rating benefits, Metl-Span’s ThermalSafe panels feature superior thermal performance with their advanced mineral wool core to provide enhanced insulation values.

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