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Food Processing Plant Metal Panels

Metl-Span is a leading provider of insulated panels for food and meat processing plants. Our hygienic food-grade wall panels provide an impermeable barrier that prevents the build-up and growth of bacteria, mildew, mold, and other pathogens that can jeopardize food safety.

Your Food Processing Partner

Food processing plants create extremely challenging conditions and requirements for both builders and the building materials used. Because foodborne diseases are dangerous and costly for the public and providers, creating and maintaining a clean temperature-controlled environment is critical. Also, food processing plants must maintain the highest levels of cleanliness and sanitization to meet stringent regulatory guidelines and food safety standards.

Our low maintenance insulated metal panels are easy to clean and durable enough to withstand frequent washes using water, harsh chemicals, soaps, and other sanitizers and cleaners without damaging the panel surface. Furthermore, the interlocking system removes gaps and seams to create a water-resistant barrier that prevents moisture and bacteria from accumulating under the surface. Metl-Span is fully compliant with USDA, FDA, and other agencies that regulate and monitor areas where food is prepared and stored.

Regardless of the exterior weather conditions, our food and meat processing insulated metal panels help maintain a stable interior environment to meet any specific temperature and humidity level requirements. We provide solutions that offer the highest level of durability, thermal control, antimicrobial protection, and food safety for food and meat processing plants of any size or complexity.

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Contact us today and unlock the power of Metl-Span insulated wall and roof panels to create a hygienic, temperature-controlled environment that ensures optimal food safety and efficiency.

Why choose insulated metal panels for food processing?

Across all product lines, Metl-Span’s insulated metal panels offer the following benefits for cold-storage and refrigerated warehouse applications:

  • Superior insulation for long-term energy efficiency with measurable savings
  • Ease of installation and quicker construction time
  • Single component installation reduces necessary trades, costs, and build delays
  • Design versatility and flexibility with the option for horizontal or vertical installation
  • High light reflectivity
  • Fire-resistant solutions
  • High strength-to-weight ratio allows for greater spans and reduced structural costs
  • Impermeable faces to ensure the highest insulating values and temperature/humidity control
  • Antimicrobial surface that prevents bacteria, fungal, mold, and mildew growth
  • Complete prevention of air and water penetration and leakage
  • Minimal maintenance and lower operation costs
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable option

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