Installer Training Programs

Metl-Span offers one of the most in-depth installer training programs in our industry. This program is dedicated to helping installers understand how the long-term performance of the insulated metal panel system can be affected by the installer’s attention to detail. Metl-Span is committed to educating erectors with the proper use, methods, and procedures for insulated metal wall and roof panel installation. This training will benefit installers interested in not only enhancing their skill set, but quality workmanship as well.

There are three different training options available:

IMP Web Seminar: The IMP Trained class is a web based half-day interactive seminar. Each participant will receive a Certificate of Completion for the Introduction to IMP Installation Training. The IMP Trained Class covers handling, unloading, storage, preparation, required tools, and the sequence of installation.  It focuses on successful installation and continuity of thermal, moisture and air barriers. The seminar is for contractors who already have some experience in the installation of building envelope materials such as industrial and architectural sheet metal. The products covered are vertical industrial foam, CFR Roof, and introduction to architectural horizontal installations. This seminar is complimentary to all attendees. This program does NOT cover cold storage applications.

March10th at 10 AM – Registration will not open until February 15th
April 14th at 10 AM – Registration will not open until March 15th
May 12th at 10 AM – Registration will not open until April 15th
June 9th at 10 AM – Registration will not open until May 15th
July14th at 10 AM – Registration will not open until June 15th

Certified Installer Course:  The Certified Installer class is conducted at our training center located in Waterloo, IN.  Dates and curriculum will be announced soon.  

This program does NOT cover cold storage applications. This course combines both classroom and practical installation training. 

Project Specific Service: Metl-Span offers on-site training that focuses on the specific project and products used. The entire crew can be trained at the job site, making this the most effective training method. A fee is associated with this training.  This service can cover cold storage or ambient installations.  

For more information about Metl-Span’s Certified Installer and Contractor Training Program, please contact:

      Phone: 844-574-5367

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