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Transforming Higher Education

Higher education institutions are evolving at a faster rate than ever before.

Not only do enrollment rates at postsecondary institutions continue to soar — with an expected 15 percent growth by 2025 — but campus facilities are faced with necessary upgrades stemming from previous construction booms in the 1960s and 1990s.

With aging buildings representing 40 percent of current campus structures, and the rise in enrollment and academic programs accounting for another 30 percent, the need for new and retrofit construction is high.

Metl-Span® insulated metal panels (IMPs) present postsecondary institutions of all types with expedited construction schedules, while also offering superior insulation and aesthetic values. The result is a campus complete with durable and aesthetically pleasing facades that allow current students and faculty to excel, and alumni to take pride in.

Metl-Span IMP Benefits:

Cramming for Construction – With the growing need for new and retrofit construction, the building process on campus needs to take place as efficiently and rapidly as possible. Metl-Span’s lightweight — yet strong and durable — university insulated metal panels feature one-piece construction and all-weather installation to ensure rapid completion of wall and roof systems. Metl-Span IMPs can also be installed five times faster than brick construction, resulting in reduced construction costs and financial aid for your facilities.

Graduated Performance – With an advanced polyurethane core and impermeable faces with built-in thermal breaks to ensure the highest level of insulating values throughout a building’s lifecycle, Metl-Span college building insulated metal panels build the barriers that allow the students and faculty on campus to excel.

Accredited Aesthetics – The higher level of learning taking place inside postsecondary institutions is expected to be matched by a high aesthetic value on the campus buildings’ exteriors, because they serve as the first impression of what an institution has to offer. To provide honors-level aesthetic appeal, Metl-Span university insulated metal panels come in an evolving array of color palettes and finishes.

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