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BZI: Taking Nucor's Insulated Metl-Span CF30 IMP To New Heights

How do you improve an already innovative product?

For large-footprint buildings like Project Hibs, Nucor's Metl-Span Insulated Metal Panels can be the perfect solution. This versatile product features a clean look on the inside and outside, a high R-value that reduces energy usage while providing greater sustainability, and costimprovements versus concrete alternatives like tilt-walls or pre-cast.

While IMPs offer numerous advantages to owners, architects, and GCs, installation methods have remained relatively unchanged for decades. Until now.

Enter BZI.

BZI delivers a game—
changing approach to iMP installation

Traditional “stick-build” IMP construction requires installers to attach panels directly to the structural steel.

BZI, an industry-innovator in steel erection, brought a very different approach to Project Hibs. With state-of-the-art, proprietary innovations like the IMP Panel Table™ and the Wall Master™, BZI is deploying an all-new panelized approach, where the majority of the work is performed at ground level, drastically improving both safety and efficiency. Wall sections can safely go up faster—reducing schedules by as much as 30%—meaning owners can start bringing in revenue earlier once the project is complete.

Innovation powered by Collaboration

Through extensive cross-team collaboration and communication, BZI and Nucor developed plans, engineering details, and the necessary calculations to ensure the Metl-Span product would perform flawlessly in this new panelized approach.

This teamwork has led to a great product that both the customer and the architect are very excited about. And with similar core values across both organizations —innovation, safety, trust, and communication—it's a partnership you need to see for yourself.


Metl-Span CF Striated 30” Panel

Metl-Span's CF Striated metal panels are an appealing alternative to typical flat wall panels. The exterior face is lightly profiled with narrow longitudinal striations, creating a subtle shadow effect while exhibiting a virtually flat appearance from a distance. The longitudinal striated metal panel is an exceptional value, combining the aesthetics of a flat wall panel with the high insulation ratings of an insulated foam core.

“BZI's innovative approach combined with our IMP system is a great marriage, offering owner's a building solution much faster than traditional methods”
JOE CALSADA Nucor Insulated Metal Panel Group

Project Summary

In lieu of installing the IMP conventionally, the panelization process reduced the overall schedule by 30%. BZI also provided engineering services to provide the client with a delegated design for the IMP support and IMP panel. This greatly improved coordination with the trade partners and also saved in overall costs of the project.


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